Best IOS Apps to Download in 2020

The modern advanced technologies change the world around us. Moreover, the various software we use are also in a constant development state. The starvation for perfection leads to a highly diversify app market. In its turn, people get addicted to new updates and novelties in the tech world. Fortunately, iOS developers are not waiting around to hear what's missing on your Mac or iPhone. They keep on releasing and improving products that become essential to your lifestyle. Here are just a few examples of the best iOS apps to download in 2020.


The current years gives us a lot of time at home. This unexpected free time is often channeled into education and self-improvement. Elevate is an app that gives you training in grammar, reading, spelling, and math. It also works on advancing your vocabulary and attention span. Overall, its goal is to make you sharper on all the categories it offers you. So, the next time you think "how can I do my homework better?", train in the Elevate first. The app is free though you have to pay to unlock the majority of the training games.


Once again, 2020 was big for starting new hobbies. Learning foreign languages is definitely a thing of the year, especially during the quarantine. Duolingo is a perfect app to start learning a new language. It is extremely easy to use, have a very intuitive design and a variety of lesson to maintain your interest. Learning languages can be hard but Duolingo allows you to customize settings to your preferences. This way you can study fully in your own terms. The service is free though there is a premium version with some additional benefits.


Self-improvement is not only about learning different disciplines but also about self-care. Often, it takes an act of self-kindness to become a better person. Headspace is an app that strives to reduce your stress level. It teaches you to care about your mental health, notice and treat your anxiety, and improve your mindfulness. This app provides numerous lessons on meditation, including guided meditation. In times like this, we all need some extra help to tune in with our inner self. The app is mostly free with some paid extra options.

Pocket Casts

Unfortunately, the Apple podcast app doesn't do justice to all the variety of podcasts out there. Pocket Casts can resolve this problem. This app is one of the best podcast players designed for iOS. First of all, you can synchronize your listening history and settings across all Apple devices. Secondly, it has an impressively large library of podcasts. Finally, it offers a nice range of settings.


Asana is a great example of productivity apps. Besides being a great collaboration tool, the application helps you keep track of your tasks progression. You can create numerous projects and even boards, check their progress, add comments, and status updates. The app also allows adding files and images from your storage. A nice bonus is an offline option. Asana will cost you only $11.99 per month and it is definitely worth it.


New iOS additions come with a great opportunity to download a custom keyboard of your choice. Among all the options out there, SwiftKey is, probably, the best one. This keyboard, like any wine, just gets better with time. The more you use it, the better it understands you, your writing style, vocabulary, and habits. It also comes in a variety of different themes and colors, so you'll never get tired of its appearance.