Must-Have Study Apps for Your IPad

Any good student knows what a crucial role a good study app can play in their homework. In our modern age, people are more inclined to use technologies for the majority of our needs. Studying is not an exception to this rule. In fact, as the Apple store shows, there are hundreds of applications available for students to assist them in their pursuit of knowledge. These days the problem is not the lack of help, but the large variety of digital assistants. The store has so many study apps to offer that people find themselves lost among all those choices. Fortunately, we have prepared a brief guide on major must-have study apps for your iPad.


Any student needs a good notebook app. There is no need for all those papers lying around if you can have a digital version of your notes. Evernote can do exactly what you need for this purpose. The app helps to store and categorize all your study notes. You'll never lose any study material. Moreover, thanks to the convenient labeling system, you won't waste time searching. Everything is out in the open there. You can also share any material with your friends whenever you want to. The application also offers a great number of various templates for different purposes, from scheduled temples to study plans.

Scanner pro

If you are aiming to live an eco-friendly life, college life can be quite a challenge. Especially with all the printed material you need to have for studying. Those poor trees die for a paper you use the print out for a single class and then send it to trash. Well, no more of that! An iPad Scanner Pro can solve this vicious cycle. The application works like a typical scanner. All you need is to take a picture of a textbook with your phone or iPad and run it through the app. In a few seconds you receive a high-quality scan to your disposal. You can use those scans any type you want, they are always available to you in any cloud of your choice. No tree is harmed in the process. All that is for a $3.99 one time purchase.


Here is a perfect brainstorming app for you! If you are constantly struggling in organizing your thoughts and ideas, SimpleMind is definitely for you. This application is like a scamfighter, it creates mind maps that can guide you through your homework. The app helps you set categories, priorities, and urgency levels to all your tasks and ideas. Moreover, it also can create charts and graphs to help you see your thoughts from a rather practical angle. Any top essay services often use such methods too. Hence, SimpleMind is a great helper if you need to increase your efficiency and map your thoughts in an orderly way. What’s even more, you can send your memos directly to Evernote. The app is interactive, easy to use, and allows you to insert media files to your mindmaps. What’s more to ask?


What a student doesn’t know is the beauty and danger of procrastination. You're just sitting there and thinking how much writing paper sucks. A lack of focus, motivation, or basic skills in time-management can result in terrible consequences. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to gain your concentration. One such helper is Forest - a time tracking app. Forest helps you organize your time better by showing where you spend it. With Forest, you can plan how much you need or want to spend on certain activities. Moreover, by achieving your goals, you are growing trees to visually represent your success. These digital trees are symbolic of real-life trees that the app creators are planting! Hence, you actually help to create a real-life forest.